Roth's Plate XI.--Inorganic Nature (Continued). Manufactured Articles

  1. Clouds. hanging dark and heavy. Really a stage just previous to the following figure, effected by separating the hands as rapidly as possible, so far as the string will allow, and at the same time making a hissing sound to represent the
  2. Lightning. Cape Bedford.
  3. Rain. Night Island. (Identical with Pl. XI, 8)
  4. River: large and broad. Princess Charlotte Bay. This figure represents a Fish-hawk on the (Lower) Palmer River, the two squares indicating the outstretched wings.
  5. Two rocks sticking out of the water. Cape Grafton. Atherton.
  6. Hill, Mountain. Princess Charlotte Bay.
  7. Boomerang. (Lower) Palmer River
  8. Two Tomahawks. Cape Bedford. (Identical with Pl XI, 3.)