Roth's Plate III--Mankind. Animals

  1. Two boys carrying spears. Atherton.
  2. Two women fighting with sticks. (Lower) Palmer River. See Pl. VIII, 7, 8.
  3. Four boys walking in a row, holding each other's hands. Cape Grafton.
  4. Two men walking down a valley. (Three and four people can thus be similarly represented) Cape Grafton, Cape Bedford.
  5. Man climbing a tree. (The hands are raised to imitate the progress of the motion.) Cap Bedford. See Pl. VIII, 8.
  6. Kangaroo. Princess Charlotte Bay, Pennefather River. See Pl. XII, 1.
  7. Pouch: indicative of a kangaroo. Princess Charlotte Bay, Pennefather River.
  8. Pouch: and so, a wallaby. (Lower) Tully River.
  9. Strictly a spear (See Pl. XII, 1) but commonly a kangaroo speared. Cape Bedford.